Potato :

There are two main varieties of potatoes, The Santa/Sante and The Mozika. These are the most commonly grown potatoes in Pakistan and have a typical, yellow skin. The Santa is round, whereas the Mozika is very oval.



Available in variable sizes like 8 to 10 cm & more.  Weight of Sante range from 80 grams & above as these potatoes are best for Fries & Chips. Packing is available in mesh bangs and jute backs, according to the buyer’s specifications.



It’s also one the potato varieties grown in Pakistan. It’s mostly exported. It’s weighs 90 – 150 grams. It’s colour is light yellow or whitish yellow. Packing for Muzika is also available in mesh bags and jute bags according to the buyer’s specifications.


This early maincrop potato is probably the most pest and disease resistant potato and they grow well in all soils. They are double eelworm resistant. These potatoes will produce a yield of large round tubers with quite dry pale-yellow flesh. They are a particularly good baking and boiling potato.


Mozika Potatoes. Mozika is a well-known and the most popular variety for export purpose. It is long shaped and liked by various wholesalers, supermarkets.